Wednesday, January 16, 2013

When in Rome

Did you know that you can drink this water? These fountains were all over the city and you can just, drink.

We arrived in Rome super early and went straight to the Vatican. I hadn't eaten since before 6am, right before we boarded the plane. And what I'd eaten was one measly croissant. It was almost 2pm.

If any of your reading this know me, even a little bit, you know that's a recipe for disaster.

Our check-in time was 2pm so we were making our way to the B&B and I am basically on the verge of terrible-twos-temper-tantrum-hangry mode when Chris pulls me into a "Pizza Bar." We're expecting the worst kind of touristy fake Italian food when I eye their calzones. Buy two, walk out. BEST CALZONE EVER. Really, ever. As in I might fly back to Rome just to track down that tiny sidewalk pizza place and buy ten and eat them all in their ricotta, mozzarella, crispy dough glory. Can you tell it's past my lunch time?


All of this is what we went to and saw leading up to check-in. The closer we got to zero-hundred get-kelly-food hour, the less pictures I took. And yet still...! Look at all of this!

"Can I touch it? I'm gonna. Whoa, cold"

This is what Chris meant yesterday. Crazy stuff just pops up everywhere.

This too. We just came across it. When we got to the B&B they mentioned that that part of town is the oldest. We'd already gone to it without knowing.

Oh is that you, Colosseum, just popping up as we're walking? If I hadn't looked up (we were turning the corner) I would've missed it. Nest we arrive at our residence for the evening. Loved it.

All I did was think about Roman Holiday while we were at the Spanish Steps.

 new car?

Two more days of Rome recap and then we're flying off to Berlin! It's supposed to be bone-chillingly cold. No wonder tickets are cheap in January.

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