Tuesday, February 19, 2013

25 Year Old

Scotch, that is. On Saturday night Chris and I surprised his best friends with his visit home. But one of them had a surprise for Chris to top ours. Dan had recently received a 25 year old bottle from Kelli (is awesome) for his birthday but didn't want Chris to miss out on the experience of drinking a Scotch older than himself, so he bought a bottle for him with the intention to ship it to Belgium. This has been a "bucket-list" item for Chris for the past few years. Somehow Kelli, who was in on our surprise trip home, convinced him to wait until Monday to ship it, knowing he'd see us later that evening.

 Photography by DAN CAVANAUGH 

Charles the cat usually never makes appearances so on this rare occasion we all felt very privileged. We're so happy to be back for these few days with Chris and then another week and a half for me! I'm looking forward to a haircut, another Swedish House Mafia concert (YAY), an Oscars party and lots of time at home.

Happy Tuesday!

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