Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Adam and Dog


One big thing I'm missing about living in Rochester this year is our movie theater The Little.

*Side Note: They're playing Silver Linings Playbook there this week and aside from some language I really recommend a viewing. Maybe you need a Valentine's date idea? (though I don't go in for Valentine's at all) Go see it if you haven't already.
p.s. Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper...? They alone make it worth seeing.

I've been a member at the theater for the past few years and one of my favorite parts of the experience that they bring to Rochester is when, come Oscar time, they play most of the nominated films for Best Picture as well as all-in-one showings of the Oscar nominated shorts, animated and live-action. So when I saw that Disney released their nominated Paperman to the general public on You Tube I felt like a little piece of home came back to me. Now another animated short has been released publicly as well and I'm going to share it with you here too!

I found it over here on Gizmodo and here's their write-up about it:

Watch This Oscar-Nominated Short: Adam and Dog

Not every Oscar-worthy film is a mammoth, Speilbergian effort. Small stuff's good too, and what better showcase than the Oscar nominated animated shorts. You've probably heard ofPaperman, and the animation tech behind it, but another one, Adam and Dog has popped up on YouTube and it's worth a watch.
Put together by Minkyu Lee, Adam and Dog isn't much for talking, but it spins a great little story nonetheless. Telling the tale of the titualr Dog and Adam (yes, that Adam), it makes for an interesting little side-story to one of the most well known creation stories. And, more than anything it drives home that eternal truth that makes you feel all fuzzy inside: Dog's got your back. 

Maybe once we return home it will be time to get our own version of man's best friend. Probably not as big as this guy though. 

One last note. Our March and April calendars have been updated to include travel plans and guest visits! I'll be better at updating quicker in the future. We have two other tentative guest dates for May which might fill up the entire month (which would be AWESOME) but I won't commit to putting them on there until tickets are bought. 

See you tomorrow!


  1. your smile in this picture is due to the fact that Sully has not chosen to wipe his face (and slobber) on you just yet..

  2. I didn't even realize that you posted about this yesterday too (I'm just catching up on my internet now)! So funny. Love that short. The end creeps me out though - took me by surprise (I mean the way in which they did it... not the actual 'what happens' part, haha)


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