Monday, February 25, 2013

Busy bee

Treadmill run
Sculpting class with Mom
Dad's office
Rental car pick-up with Erin
2.5 hour turned 6 hour car ride
Super lost
Toronto (at long last!)
$30 parking
Swedish House Mafiaaaaa
More being lost
McDonald's and directions
3am arrival
Red couch
Dunkin Donuts
Rental car return
Lazy few minutes on Main street
Sean's move-in day
David & Erin reading car reports
La Cocina's
1:30am phone call from Chris
Grace Road Church
Owl House brunch
Ellison park with Deidrict Jeremy and Leigha (and Koda)
Lounging on Dartmouth
Kelli and Dan's couches
Last Lancer game
Buffalo Chicken Wing Dip
Nicholle and her ring!
Dave and Ryan's couches
Oscar partyyy
Belgian-travel planning with friends between awards (!)
Jennifer Lawrence and her up-the-stairs trip. Almost a fail, still my favorite.
13/24 Oscars guessed right. Real fail.
Red Couch
1:30am phone call from Chris


What a weekend :)

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