Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Get outta there

Eleanor Roosevelt Journal - Famed Inferior Quote

After yesterday's post, alright, let's call it what it was, online pity party, I got an email from my very real fairy Godmother, Paula. Below are some suggestions that she gave me to help me out of my little pit. There were quite a few more but the best part was this quote that she sent above. 

"Getting back to your paints..is wonderful.  Yoga,

meditating NOT to be confused w/self medicating (ha, Ha)
Writing a screenplay... kinda (semi-autobiographical???)
Reading (in Flemish) Learning a new language?
Ballroom dancing, cooking classes, library grazing,
Dog walking?"

It's so true. So thank you! Tomorrow, a little announcement which some of you know already. It involves a date. And a TV show. 

Until then!

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  1. That is a great quote... another one which I keep pinned up by my computer is, "Only the things that you give a power over yourself can harm you." (This is mainly to remind myself not to get irrationally scared that there's a killer in the apartment when I'm home alone... but it works for other things too) Also when I saw Erin's instagram about the date yesterday I pretty much screamed aloud... can't wait.


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