Wednesday, February 6, 2013

House Hunters International Date Reveal...

Our move to Belgium was...

Get yourselves ready for 21 minutes and 30 seconds of teeny tiny apartment hunting coming at your faces on

Tuesday March 26 at 10:30pm EST and 1:30am EST 

I'm throwing in a back story so you know how this all came about. First thing you need to know is that over the last few years, every Wednesday, Chris and I packed up our car with laundry and headed over to Titus Ave to eat some Bill Gray's, chat with Mom and get that laundry done! During folding time, we would usually all sit in the living room and watch HGTV. At 10:30 every weekday they've got House Hunters International (from here on to be referred to as HHI in this post because yeah, that's a lot of letters) showing and we never switched the channel (as we got further along in this whole thing, I realized that neither does anyone else with cable in the greater Rochester area). 

A little over a year ago, Chris found out about the possibility of us moving to Belgium and we began to tell family and friends. One night during laundry night, a couple on HHI was looking into an apartment in a quaint village in England. Chris's Mom then said something along the lines of 

"You're moving internationally. You guys should get on the show!"

I remember laughing and saying we should do it! I think I thought something like, that would n-e-v-e-r happen but no harm in trying I guess. Once our move was confirmed in May, I sent along a little email to the HHI people that included the only information they wanted:

Dates of Move
Location of Move
Three Pictures

Three days later I got a call while I was driving from a number I didn't know so I didn't answer. Because I was driving. Because that's illegal. But when I pulled into the RIT parking lot to pick up Chris, I listened to the voicemail that they'd left. 

Voicemail:     "Hi this is Peggy from House Hunters International. We got your ema-"
Me:               "Whattttt... Ahhh!!!" 
Me:               Repeating voicemail I just yelled through

I called her right back, with pen and paper in hand and wrote down everything they needed from us before we could be officially approved for the show. One of those things was a casting video. We had our friends Dan and Kelli come over that very night to be our director and cinematographer and went through 6 or 7 takes of what needed to be under 3 minutes, informative and exciting and yeah, we were terrible. I may or may not drop one of the outtake ones on here but I think Chris swears in most of them so maybe not. I'll check. They're hilarious. At one point my mouth kept talking during take three but my brain must have stopped working because I said something along the lines of how great the size of our current bathroom was and how we all hang out in there....

Aren't you excited for the show now?? 

More background hilarity to come on this later. For now the sun is calling me so away I go to run in it! See you tomorrow :)


  1. Bravo! I can't wait. I've spread the word to folks in Annapolis and Washington. Everyone is waiting patiently.

  2. What the heck?! I am sooo far behind on your life! Can we PLEASE catch up really soon?!!!!!!! (This is michelle Murphy) Love and miss you.

  3. Shut up man that is amazing! I will be staying tuned for this situation.


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