Monday, February 4, 2013

It's Only February?

That's how I feel today.

I don't want to wish my life away but I wouldn't mind pressing fast forward on the hours that I'm in the apartment alone and feeling homesick. I'd like to just get to the weekends where we have trips to go on or the weeks when we'll have visitors in town. In all honesty, given the choice, I'd press fast forward until it was December and we were boarding a plane back home again. But since that's not an option, and since that "Click" movie tells us (ew, it was terrible, I still wish I hadn't seen it) that nothing good can come from skipping parts of your life, then UGH, fine. We're here for the semi-long haul.

I've got to start painting again. My friend Alison just alerted me to the wonder of canvas notepads sold at Michaels. I'm about to order some so I can get around the whole, "what would I do with all these bulky canvases when it's time to move home" problem and simply stack the pages and take them home. Woo Hoo! Thanks Al!

So here's some inspiration for me and something fun to look at for you, paintings of scenes seen outside of plane windows. I came across these on another blog that I read, it has so many wonderful links and stories from the outside world that I go there often. It's probably not the healthiest thing for me to find inspiring since I wish I was on a plane, but these are beautiful.

catch more over here. 

Tomorrow I'll bring you more of Belgium and more of cheeriness. 

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  1. I can say for certain that ever since I've started to draw and be passionate about making myself better, I can't get ENOUGH alone time. When I'm off of work, it's like the days disappear. There aren't enough hours in the day to watch all the youtube video tutorials and artist interviews I want to watch, do all the drawing exercises I should be doing, and make all the art I want to make. It's a good idea to pick something like that up since you find yourself with so much time.


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