Monday, February 11, 2013


Two people had novel ideas for us when we told them about our impending move to this country.

1. Chris' Mom suggested we go on House Hunters (we are, click here in case you missed it)
2. My sister Erin immediately pulled up a video and said we should go to Tomorrowland

Disclaimer: If you're not into Electronic Dance Music [Techno] you can stop reading. I won't hold it against you.  And don't play the video

Because YAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYY we got tickets for Saturday!

This music festival is one of the largest in the world. It's definitely the largest in Belgium. Before I knew anything else about Belgium, I knew this was happening in July. The tickets for it went on sale at 11am Belgian time and by 10:59 Chris was locked in and hitting refresh until the "puchase tickets" button could be pressed. We were immediately put into an online queue, 15 minutes later it was our turn to buy tickets. 4 Saturday passes bought and we were golden! A few hours later I was checking facebook when I noticed the Tomorrowland people had posted this message:

Belgian Ticket sale

Unfortunately there were payment problems with Bancontact/Mister Cash for some of you. This didn't have anything to do with the Tomorrowland ticket system itself. 
At 11h12 all the Belgian Tomorrowland tickets were sold out, people that placed a ticket order before 11h12 (Paylogic order number 13708155 or below) and had a payment problem, will be able to still buy their ordered tickets in the coming days. Paylogic will contact you in person by e-mail in the next days. That's our commitment!

People that placed a ticket order after 11h12 (Paylogic order number 13708156 or above) and had a payment problem, won't be contacted, but have a second chance next Saturday.

And then the world exploded. I read it to Chris and we're both trying to not freak out because when we bought tickets it was 11:15 and our number is definitely after 13708156. Buuuuut...our payment was not denied, cancelled or rejected. So far so good. Our hopes are all resting on that little bolded (by me) "and" up there. I'm still waiting for the ball to drop and we find that we're out. But for now, we're in and best part is that Erin and David [the boyfriend] have tickets too! Craziest thing is that this festival has room for 180,000 people. They sell 90,000 of those tickets to Belgium residents only a week before they sell tickets to anyone else. So we scooped up the four allowable tickets as Belgian residents. (first official perk of living here)

That post up there means that they sold 90,000 tickets in 12 minutes. WHAT. Crazy pants.

So here's hoping, fingers crossed, and all that. Especially since they keep announcing new DJ's as they join the line up and Benny Benassi was just added to Saturday. Direct quote from Chris at work to me upon hearing the news:

"Just learned Benny Benassi is on Saturday...I then threw everything off my desk including my computer, jumped on it, ripped my green sweater in half screamed YES and then jumped through the window...took the elevator back up and sat back down at my desk quietly."

I read that bleary eyed and laughed myself awake.

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  1. 2 things Kelly:
    1)Full health insurance is the first official perk of living here... not concert tickets
    2)That text message was meant for your eyes only!!!


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