Thursday, February 21, 2013

Turbo Kicked

First: two WONDERFUL pieces of news yesterday!

1. Our friends Dan and Kelli and coming to Belgium May 7-20! AND we already booked a side trip to Venice with them! Come onnnnn MAY...can you tell I'm excited?? (I will update the calendar soon!)

2. More friends, Billy and Nicholle, got engaged yesterday in New York Cityyyyyyy! Billy did a great job with the proposal. I saw the secret photos he had taken of it and everything today, maybe they'll let me showcase a few of them, they're so cute! So excited for them!

More of yesterday, went to a Turbo Kick class with Erin last night. She's a member at the RAC and this class (thank God) was just for women. I tagged along to try it out so I didn't have to run in the frigid cold of Rochester yesterday. After it was over my hamstrings and shoulders, alright, and everything else, were telling me rather loudly that maybe I should have just gone for a run. Losing toes to frostbite might be a positive alternative to what my muscles are feeling this morning.

Upside is that I bought new running shoes to try out on my sore legs tomorrow. ...Or maybe the day after. I sure didn't waste any time to get shopping once Chris was on a plane out of New York.

On that note, yesterday was Chris' 25 birthday!!!! If you are a friend of his and read this blog (two highly unlikely mutual things) AND are also heading to California (honestly, I know that isn't any of you but I'm reaching here), make sure you give him a birthday hug or two. Spankings are also appropriate. Wait, no. They're not. Maybe a birthday handshake or high-five will do.

Family birthday pictures to come!

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