Friday, March 29, 2013

Happy Friday!

Margaret has arrived and today we're off to have some Brussels Waffles and explore the capital city! For now I'm leaving you with a laugh for your Friday: a dog that photobombed every picture that their owner put up on craigslist for an apartment listing. Happy Friday!

Dog Photobombs Craigslist
Dog Photobombs Craigslist
Dog Photobombs Craigslist

Have a wonderful weekend and a beautiful Easter!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Crush's Coaster



The great visitors-to-Belgium time begins today with Margaret. So ready to see some familiar faces! 

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Return to Paris

Those of you that come here on a regular basis (and also own cable) may be wondering what the heck happened last night when the couple in Belgium wasn't us but rather several years older and with two kids (and probably a larger budget because of said circumstances, but I didn't watch it so I can't confirm). Well, we're wondering the same thing.

I emailed the producer last night while the show was still on and asked what the deal was, if we missed it already, etc. She promptly got back and said that sometimes the network switches air dates at the last minute but usually they're told about it and she'll look into it and get back to me. Oh, and that it definitely has not been broadcast yet. My Dad suggested they're holding onto it to turn it into a miniseries...funny.

So we're back to where we were in December. Waiting, with our hands folded, thumbs twiddling. At this rate, by the time they air the episode we could be back in the US! All that said, we will keep everyone updated as new information comes along.

Back to Paris.

Remember a few posts ago when I mentioned that we were kind of museumed-out? All except for the occasional stand-out ones such as, say, the Museum d'Orsay? Chris remembered. And so Sunday morning we got up foggy (no sun to be seen) and early and made our way to the center of Paris. I've never been so in love with a museum before. I could have spent so much more time there, sitting and taking it all in, but our train awaited us. All that Impressionism painting! Monet and Renoir and a new favorite, Sisley, Pissarro and Degas! The best part was that no photographs were allowed in much of the museum, only a few select locations and definitely no where near the paintings so I don't have much to show you from our time there.

Except for one painting, you've got to see this. What Chris said to me as we stood in front of it made me shake with laughter. You can't laugh out loud in a museum, it's just not polite. So I snuck an ipod photo for you all.

Chris: This is what I feel like when I wake up in the morning.

On our way to the museum we stopped and found our love lock. It's rusting up nicely and has a beautiful view of the river.  

We took a little time to figure out the Metro/RER system so when I come back with my parents and then the girls and then Chris' parents and then Erin (so much Paris!) ...we'd have an idea of what we are doing and it turned out great. So much better than walking until our feet ached, in the rain, like last time. Springtime in Paris is beautiful. I rather liked the foggy weather, it made it for an enchanting morning.

Special note: today marks one year of blogging. I'm not sure if this blog will continue on in so regular a fashion after we return from Europe but for now, it's keeping me going. It's a fun way to share everything without overloading those who are friends with me on facebook but not necessarily interested in our daily (or mostly weekend) exploits. Thanks for tuning in, it's been fun so far!

A tiny Disney post tomorrow and then Margaret arrives from Rome to stay the Easter weekend with us! 

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Disneyland Paris...oh and yeah, that thing is happening tonight...

You are never too old for a little Disney. Or a lot of it, for that matter. Thankfully, Chris is just as willing to dive in head first to Disneyland adventures and so we did. We were there before the park opened and there until well after it closed (unwittingly, but that's a story for another day). Dive in with us, won't you?

French Buzzlightyear is saucy 

We went on every ride that we could, twice if we had time, and determined this as our final favorites:
Tower of Terror - Space Mountain - Big Thunder Mountain - Crushes Coaster - Aerosmith Coaster
We had some disagreements on the order except for Tower of Terror, number one in both our books. Going on a ride that has a storyline to it to make it especially eerie and then that story is all spoken at you in What is it about being scared that makes an experience (that is also certifiably safe) super fun? 

That's sort of how we feel about tonight. Tonight is...dun dun dunnnnn, our House Hunters International episode debut. While filming it we were awkward and it was hilarious and corny at times and an all-around great experience. But now it's come down to it and almost everyone we know (and plenty of people that we don't) will be watching tonight while we're asleep 3600 miles away and 5 hours ahead with no access to American cable television...we're scared to the point of Tower of Terror fright. 

Will we even look or act like we do in real life? Are they going to edit us down to the stereotypical argumentative couple that can't agree? Are they going to make me sound like a lame individual who has nothing to do everyday now that we moved here and I can't work...(well I guess that might be is sort of the truth). And what about that scene that they shot here or there? And the Bachelorette-wistful-walking-along-the-lake...and oh good grief, they made us kiss on camera so much and we do not do PDA on command. Or at least not well, I'm assuming. Oh man. I've had butterflies all day like a national qualifying race is happening tonight and the competition is fierce. It's been so long since we filmed that we actually kept forgetting about it and now the day is here. 

Deep breaths. No going back now. The ride has started whether we are ready for it or not. Should be fun. Right?

Monday, March 25, 2013


4am wake up call Saturday morning. The US national soccer team was playing Costa Rica in a snowstorm in Denver and we watched the second half before blearily dragging ourselves out the door and into our own chilling weather Belgium-style to walk to the train station. At this point I was still not privy to my birthday destination. And without that knowledge but with only two hours of sleep under my belt, I was feeling rather grumpy and trying not to be. So I slept on the train to Brussels and then again on the Thalys to our destination which, indicated by our tickets, was Marne in France. Still not understanding what that could mean, I closed my eyes again and tried to ignore Chris smiling mysteriously at me and nudging me and basically being as excited as can be while I was left alone in the dark and starting to be bothered by it. Side note: I love surprises, but if I was Chris I would wonder why I do because I pretty much try to ruin them every chance I can get until it happens. Poor guy.

We finally got to our stop and disembarked. Up the escalator we went and at the top I turned to the exit and saw this sign:

See that? Up there at the top right? After Sortie (exit)...DISNEY! After that my smiling face and nudging and excitement outweighed Chris' ten fold.

We've got a sort-of impromptu visitor this Thursday (Yay, Margaret!!) and nothing is prepared yet for either hers or my parents' planned trip in a week and a half so I have some moving around of my proposed schedule to do and go buy some things in town for said visitors...right now. I need to update our calendar on here too because we have got plenty of people headed this way and I am ecstatic because the thought of all of these visitors has kept the homesickness and sadness at bay and I'm planning to keep it that way until we go home for good in December.

Back here tomorrow for more DISNEY!!!

Friday, March 22, 2013

Pretty much.


We apologize in advance for next week's HGTV House Hunters International episode.

In other news, Chris is taking me on a surprise birthday trip tomorrow! One of my favorite things in the world is a good surprise. I've made a habit of ruining surprises for myself in the past so this was a joint effort where I knew a trip was coming but Chris planned out the entire thing without my knowledge of where we were going. So we both win :) Details to come on Monday! Have lovely weekends, everyone!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

St Patrick's Day "Parade"

We arrived in Brussels on Sunday an hour before the parade was supposed to start. That was the point that we realized we had no idea where the parade was starting from. When we got to this park and saw the sparkles, we knew we were on the right track...

We could hear the bagpipes as we approached the arches and couldn't believe that we'd missed the whole parade! It was supposed to have started only minutes before we arrived here!

And then we saw it. One flag bearer out front, four bagpipers and a crowd of Irish people in tow. In fact we were in such a hurry to catch up to the "parade" that I think we may have been a part of it for a moment.

It was a lovely little parade though. And at least we heard the bagpipes on the day of the Irish.

Now these next photos are not for the faint of heart. Because mine almost stopped when I looked back through these pictures. Any Maloneys out there recognize this little boy's doppelganger?

I mean, doesn't it look like some Belgian woman had Brady transported to Brussels!? Crazy!

P.S. Thank you for the birthday wishes yesterday :) It was a great day!

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