Monday, March 11, 2013

2.5 Weeks later...Happy Birthday Chris!

When we were home in February, there was time to get the whole Maloney family together and grab my parents too for some Dinosaur BBQ and cookie cake. I could eat their cornbread with every meal. And now I've got "'C' is for Cookie" stuck in my head. Sesame Street...where did that come from??

Without further ado, Happy 25th Christopher!

  The spread and a very happy Christopher.

No, my Mom wasn't cold or in need of seven teddys, Brady was just covering her in every plush object in the room.

I've never seen Brady color so diligently. It was intense. I've also never seen a little girl so determined to eat the crayons he was trying to color with. It was a constant struggle to keep them out of her mouth, she was so fast. And yet even with my vigilance, Dad had to take over because she definitely snuck a green one in there on my watch. If you look closely you can see her going for it again in three, two....

And lastly, a potted flower.

Seville tomorrow!

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