Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Happy birthday to my Mom last Sunday and yours truly's today

Last year my Mom and I went around doing 26 random acts of kindness for my 26th birthday. This year proved more difficult since I don't know our town very well and was sort of at a loss for how to complete 27 things. But I think I figured it out. I'm off to finish those 27 things now. In the meantime, I found the idea for this whole thing through this pin and here's her story in her own words. Thankful for that lady.

(image via a cup of jo)


  1. I should have mentioned also that your birthday marks the 1st day of Spring. The cherry blossoms in Washington, DC actually peaked on March 20th last year. This year the peak blossom date is April 4. It's still a little cool.

  2. Happy Birthday Kelly - I hope you like what I got for you... it was a random act of kindness. On this side of heaven you won't see it, but I hope you would like it (I know Maureen did). Love ya!


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