Wednesday, March 13, 2013

As promised, Peacocks

It was supposed to be a rain-filled weekend but the clouds decided to come together and only ruin the night life (of which we were barely a part of, walking all day kills our ambition to party all night, which is probably a good thing) so we felt very fortunate to spend our full day in the sun without our heavy jackets.

Tomorrow we'll be wandering through the Plaza de Espana but today the park right next to it will do. There is such a contrast between the two spaces and with all the grandiose that is the Plaza, the park does a pretty decent job of holding it's own.

What a magnificent place for the sun to come out and shine in. The air smelled so wonderful. There were oranges growing everywhere. Really, almost every street was lined with their trees and the park was littered with them. And so much beauty everywhere. Belgium is charming and quaint with its cities but I do miss the green spaces of where we come from, everywhere I look there is concrete, cobblestone or brick making up the most of our new existence. Spain gave us a break from all the man made materials with it's tree-lined streets and the gardens resplendent with nature.

Tomorrow, some architectural splendor. See you then!

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