Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Disneyland Paris...oh and yeah, that thing is happening tonight...

You are never too old for a little Disney. Or a lot of it, for that matter. Thankfully, Chris is just as willing to dive in head first to Disneyland adventures and so we did. We were there before the park opened and there until well after it closed (unwittingly, but that's a story for another day). Dive in with us, won't you?

French Buzzlightyear is saucy 

We went on every ride that we could, twice if we had time, and determined this as our final favorites:
Tower of Terror - Space Mountain - Big Thunder Mountain - Crushes Coaster - Aerosmith Coaster
We had some disagreements on the order except for Tower of Terror, number one in both our books. Going on a ride that has a storyline to it to make it especially eerie and then that story is all spoken at you in French...hair-raising. What is it about being scared that makes an experience (that is also certifiably safe) super fun? 

That's sort of how we feel about tonight. Tonight is...dun dun dunnnnn, our House Hunters International episode debut. While filming it we were awkward and it was hilarious and corny at times and an all-around great experience. But now it's come down to it and almost everyone we know (and plenty of people that we don't) will be watching tonight while we're asleep 3600 miles away and 5 hours ahead with no access to American cable television...we're scared to the point of Tower of Terror fright. 

Will we even look or act like we do in real life? Are they going to edit us down to the stereotypical argumentative couple that can't agree? Are they going to make me sound like a lame individual who has nothing to do everyday now that we moved here and I can't work...(well I guess that might be unavoidable...it is sort of the truth). And what about that scene that they shot here or there? And the Bachelorette-wistful-walking-along-the-lake...and oh good grief, they made us kiss on camera so much and we do not do PDA on command. Or at least not well, I'm assuming. Oh man. I've had butterflies all day like a national qualifying race is happening tonight and the competition is fierce. It's been so long since we filmed that we actually kept forgetting about it and now the day is here. 

Deep breaths. No going back now. The ride has started whether we are ready for it or not. Should be fun. Right?


  1. Big Thunder Mountain is the BEST. Andrew calls it Yeehaw Canyon and Jonathan screams his face off. every. time. I think Space Mountain is my favorite though! So glad you had fun!

    Meg Sortore

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