Monday, March 4, 2013

In the air

The 24 hours in America included dinner with my family, including Megan via skype, and breakfast the next morning with Chris' parents too. It was honestly the first time I was looking forward a little bit to Belgium. Chris was already there having flown straight from San Francisco the day before and I really missed being with him. Saying that, I still did lose it a little when I saw my mom's tears when we hugged at security. And when our plane was pulling away at JFK they started up again. But seeing Chris 8 hours later made it worth it. These next ten months are going to fly by. The halfway point to our time here is coming up and we have so many visitors who've let us know they're interested and I CANNOT WAIT!

Mom & Dad Hanlon
Anna & Rich
Kelli & Dan
Hannah, Amber & Robyn
Mom & Dad Maloney
Erin & David
Gina & Dave
Anne Marie & Roger
Anna & Ryan
Megan & Sean

Beyond blessed by these lovely family and friends. The tickets have been bought for the top three and woohoo we have fun plans for all of you that are definitely, or just hoping to at this point, getting here!

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