Thursday, March 14, 2013

Plaza de Espana

This post will be a bit of a doozy. Plaza de Espana was stunning. The moment we rounded the corner to see it in all its Spanish glory, we were in stopped-in-our-tracks-awe. Despite the warm weather, it seemed we were among few other tourists. The plaza appeared to be rather empty compared to what we expected but maybe it was just so large that it always feels that way. It was lovely.


The following two pictures need a little description:

Apparently we were sitting at part of the Plaza that housed a map which must show a very popular location in it. Everyone wanted to pose in front of our seats. The women in the first photograph stood there for a good five minutes and they were our first guests so we were caught a little unawares and sat there in stunned hilarity for a bit. It was slightly awkward but mostly amusing to sort of halt our conversations every time someone did this.

Later that day during siesta...

...we found our exact same seat as before (by chance) and I had one of my favorite ice creams while...

...Chris took his shoes off and...

...took a real siesta...for a half an hour.

I ate my ice cream and took a panorama picture on my iPod. See you back here tomorrow, going to take a siesta myself now!


  1. Beautiful pictures with the sun shining on everything. I can't wait for more sunny days here. Thanks for sharing. It's almost like being there.

  2. This is fantastic :) a tad bit of jealousy rises up (not only from the location, but for the sun) buuut yea, super glad you guys could enjoy that little getaway. :)

  3. Kelly - by far these are your most gorgeous pictures yet (and that's saying something)!! Seville looks absolutely breathtaking.


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