Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Real Alcazar

Chris and I had no plans whatsoever to do the touristy thing in Seville. We are sort of museum-ed out. After the vastness of the Louvre, the intimacy of the historic Anne Frank house and the Pergamom and the Van Gogh and on and on...we're museum-ed out for the moment. I still want to visit the Museum de Orsay in the Paris but I may never get there during our time here in Europe and that is fiiiiiine with me. Rambling, back to Seville. So we knew there weren't any museums we were going to, we didn't want to pay the money to get into another Cathedral and the bull fighting ring wasn't open when we walked past but a castle? I'm still up for castles. And when you don't do anything touristy at all...without a beach to lie on, your day starts to stretch out in front of you with no plans and, with no place to stay for a few hours, your feet get a little tired from all the walking.

So we paid the entrance and stepped into Real Alcazar. I'll let you judge if it was worth it:

This place was my favorite of all Seville. There was even an English garden section (not pictured because it was too hard to capture it) with evergreens and benches and paths to walk in solitude and listen to the birds. It was enchanting. There really isn't another way to adequately describe it. It felt magical. And the size of these gardens! The palace itself was impressive and detailed and filled with beauty but I could imagine living more in those gardens than any place else within the thick walls of the grounds.

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