Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Season 2 Finale

Of the Lancers, that is.

Last year from October (or maybe it was November?) to March our lives revolved slightly around this team of indoor soccer in Rochester. One of Chris' oldest friends (Jake, floating in the air above) was signed to the Lancers, a professional team in Rochester, and we dove in head first with support. We even traveled to more than a few away games.

This year we watched a mostly from afar which the 6 hour time difference proved fairly tough. Most games would start at 1am our time and we'd be asleep by the end. We tried though!

It was pretty great that we were able to come and watch the last two games of the season, both of which they one point. Which in a game where the points are scored more like basketball in twos and threes, one point is saying something when it comes to my rapidly beating heart and white finger crossed knuckles. It's always fun going to these crazy games where loud music is played the whole time, Chris and his friends are consistently heckling the opposing team's goalie, and we all go out to eat bar food afterward. But it's definitely more fun when they win. So here's to you, Rochester Lancers, way to finish strong and close the curtain with the fans on their feet.

(okay, most of us. don't worry Nicholle, Kelli and I were sitting too)

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