Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Seville or Sevilla, depending on your preference (or country of origin)

Either way, it's a beautiful place. I've been wondering since we got on the airplane to leave the city whether or not Chris and I were just taken in by the sun and the higher temperatures and not the city itself. But looking back through all the photos today, that thought seems preposterous now. See for yourself:

This guy's not going anywhere anytime soon 

We're going to dive in a little deeper over the next several days but I wanted to introduce Seville to you a little bit at first before slowly having you get to know the rest of the city better, day by day. Some of the streets of the city were so small that when a car turned from one to another, even a tiny compact car, it found itself scraping hubcaps against curbs. On our first night we found our way (after an hour delay in Brussels) to the apartment we were staying at and were greeted by our host's mother who spoke almost no English. It was kind of delightful to brush up on my very depleted knowledge of Spanish and try to communicate back and forth with her about the keys, room, cats (no, that's not a typo) and other pertinent airbnb stuff. After the keys were handed over and we dropped our bags in the room, dinner was the next item of business and in Seville, tapas are in order. Pictures to come, but we'll get to that later this week.

See you back here tomorrow for a peek into a very beautiful park (it came with Peacocks)!

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  1. You made a comment about airbnb. I just read an article yesterday about how airbnb got started. 3 college kids who were late on their rent payment rented out space in their apt. with 3 air mattresses they had. They actually got 3 people to rent them out because all the hotels were booked for a big conference in town. They made enough to pay the rent. Now they're in 192 countries and have had over 10 million bookings. Great story. I like that little red car by the way.


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