Thursday, March 21, 2013

St Patrick's Day "Parade"

We arrived in Brussels on Sunday an hour before the parade was supposed to start. That was the point that we realized we had no idea where the parade was starting from. When we got to this park and saw the sparkles, we knew we were on the right track...

We could hear the bagpipes as we approached the arches and couldn't believe that we'd missed the whole parade! It was supposed to have started only minutes before we arrived here!

And then we saw it. One flag bearer out front, four bagpipers and a crowd of Irish people in tow. In fact we were in such a hurry to catch up to the "parade" that I think we may have been a part of it for a moment.

It was a lovely little parade though. And at least we heard the bagpipes on the day of the Irish.

Now these next photos are not for the faint of heart. Because mine almost stopped when I looked back through these pictures. Any Maloneys out there recognize this little boy's doppelganger?

I mean, doesn't it look like some Belgian woman had Brady transported to Brussels!? Crazy!

P.S. Thank you for the birthday wishes yesterday :) It was a great day!

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