Monday, March 25, 2013


4am wake up call Saturday morning. The US national soccer team was playing Costa Rica in a snowstorm in Denver and we watched the second half before blearily dragging ourselves out the door and into our own chilling weather Belgium-style to walk to the train station. At this point I was still not privy to my birthday destination. And without that knowledge but with only two hours of sleep under my belt, I was feeling rather grumpy and trying not to be. So I slept on the train to Brussels and then again on the Thalys to our destination which, indicated by our tickets, was Marne in France. Still not understanding what that could mean, I closed my eyes again and tried to ignore Chris smiling mysteriously at me and nudging me and basically being as excited as can be while I was left alone in the dark and starting to be bothered by it. Side note: I love surprises, but if I was Chris I would wonder why I do because I pretty much try to ruin them every chance I can get until it happens. Poor guy.

We finally got to our stop and disembarked. Up the escalator we went and at the top I turned to the exit and saw this sign:

See that? Up there at the top right? After Sortie (exit)...DISNEY! After that my smiling face and nudging and excitement outweighed Chris' ten fold.

We've got a sort-of impromptu visitor this Thursday (Yay, Margaret!!) and nothing is prepared yet for either hers or my parents' planned trip in a week and a half so I have some moving around of my proposed schedule to do and go buy some things in town for said visitors...right now. I need to update our calendar on here too because we have got plenty of people headed this way and I am ecstatic because the thought of all of these visitors has kept the homesickness and sadness at bay and I'm planning to keep it that way until we go home for good in December.

Back here tomorrow for more DISNEY!!!

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