Friday, March 15, 2013

The Mushrooms of Seville (or the Metropol Parasol)

The first morning spent in Seville we found ourselves having breakfast with our hosts and getting a few pieces of advice on where to go. They suggested that we check out the huge "mushrooms in the old center of town." Turns out that this is actually the popular name for the structure formally known as the Metropol Parasol. And find it we did. About two months ago, when flying home from Berlin, Chris spotted this structure in the in-flight magazine and it's been something he's been looking forward to going to ever since. Despite my fear of heights, I'm so glad we did.

The structure is broken down into a few major sections. We toured the upper level that you just saw pictures of and then, the tippy top level you'll see in a second...

It was windy and breathtaking and quiet up there. Serene and lovely. And I just had to tell myself not to think of how high we were and what was holding us up. I don't really know why this fear of heights thing suddenly came upon me in the last few years but I'm glad it's not debilitating to the point that I couldn't enjoy this. Because when in Bruges, it sure was.

Have a lovely day and an even better weekend! I'm saving the best of Seville (in my opinion) for last with Monday and Tuesday's posts so make sure to come back. St. Patrick's Day is this weekend and funny enough we didn't think of going to Ireland for it. I'm sure that's an opportunity missed but we'll head to Brussels for the parade instead, I'm sure there's at least a few Irish and a ton of "irish" people there willing to celebrate as well. The sun is shining here in Leuven today and I'm determined to get out in it for a run before the clouds take over. But one last thing before I go...


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