Thursday, March 7, 2013

Walk in the Woods


Note: My iPod is was lost. I'm sure it's found by now. But not by me. By someone wandering along either on Meigs or Court or the Bushnell's Basin park and ride. But it's gone as far as I'm concerned. And I have no pictures for the following recap because the photos are on the runaway iPod and because I wasn't lugging around my humungo camera but I don't want to forget my one and only real weekend that I had at home so here goes. It's going to get a little wordy, bear with me. p.s. I got a new iPod, silver lining to spending $300 is that it's got a better camera...but that's about all the good that I could find in that scenario.

On my only real full weekend at home it started out with a trip to Toronto to see Swedish House Mafia on one of their last tour dates of their last tour ever. Erin and I drove 6 hours to get there, spent the next 4 hours finding a bathroom first, then jumping around and dancing and singing along, well especially Erin since no one else in the entire arena knew the words to their first big song ever. Bravo, real fan there, the rest of us pretended and embarrassingly hummed along HA! And (sorry, Chris) it was a better show than Antwerp. So so so great!  Then we drove home through the night that Friday night, only 3 hours this time, McDonalds in hand, and arrived at her apartment somewhere close to 3:30...if memory serves. Man I missed that red couch, such good nights sleep(s) on it over the 2 weeks!

The next day we woke early, returned the rental and drove to Canandaigua where we watched Sean move in to his new place. I say watched because we probably could have helped a little but the chairs he already had in the rooms were too comfy to move from. Then David came and paid us a visit, before we even arrived home he was there to greet us all with our slobber fests in tow. I spent awhile having David and Erin read Consumer Reports car listings to me, trying to determine the best hatchback. Those two can read! Which is helpful since I was being a lazy bum and also interrupting their time together. We hit up Cucinas for dinner and then everyone went their merry way. 

Sunday I managed to drag myself and my parents up to Rochester by 9am and we went to church where some good friends attend. From there it was a walk in the woods with said friends and their dog Deidrict. Commence camera lugging Kelly now:

I'm not done yet. 

Sunday Funday was pretty long.

From Leigha and Jeremy's I changed hands to the custody of Kelli and Dan's. We lounged (well I lounged while Kelli made snacks or cleaned or mind is slipping) and then headed out for the final Lancer's home game. As I said yesterday, nail biter (but I don't bite mine anymore so I guess...hmmm...edge-of-your-seater) and then one point away, they came away with the win! From there to the Distillery where we finally got to admire Nicholle's new ring!!! 

And then straight on to the annual Oscar party with my old roommates! The exciting part here was that Robyn, Amber and Hannah all began (very) preliminary plans for traveling out to Belgium in May. I'm still keeping my fingers crossed that it's happening, until tickets are bought I try not to get my hopes up. 

If you missed the Oscars my least and most favorite was when Jennifer Lawrence won  Best Actress. When she tripped up on her way up to the podium to accept her award my heart stopped and it felt like it lasted for minutes that she lay there. But then her speech was great and the backstage interviews were hilarious. Worth a watch.

And finally, at long last, back to Erin's apartment and the red couch and wonderful blissful sleep.

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