Monday, April 8, 2013

Arrivals: Mom and Dad (Hanlon)

They've arrived and we've been nonstop until just See that pink sky? That was this morning's sunRISE and so we are just a bit pooped. I walked back in the apartment from my run and they're crashed on the bed, lights out. I'm trying to eat my oatmeal super quietly. You should have seen me creeping around while I made it. And now that I'm done running and almost done eating I can tell that my own nap is coming up soon so I'm going to keep this one short.


That's all.

Oh and this. I was scrolling through other people's posts that I missed over the weekend from blogs I follow when I came across the following picture. I almost threw up my oatmeal I was laughing so hard! And trying not to wake your sleeping parents three feet from you while laughing and simultaneously trying not to choke and die is nigh impossible. In fact I'm not sure it is possible because my Mom woke up. And then she saw this and laughed her head off too.

Pantyhose Dog
Please go here for more and brighten your day up a little more too. See you tomorrow with some weekend recap!

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