Friday, April 26, 2013


That's the sound of me hitting the bed last night and not moving a muscle until this morning at ten. I sort of felt like this kid trying to get through dinner last night without dropping my face into my spaghetti.

Turns out running is tough. I think I forgot that in the last four years (!?) since I stopped truly competing. Feels good but exhausting to be back. But that kid cracked me up. You could just imagine what he's thinking about his vacation day being spent looking at the gorgeous, historic Palace. For example: "Where is THE PLAYGROUND??"

It wasn't my intention to introduce the Hall of Mirrors to you this way but I've only got a few minutes before I need to go into super-clean-mode and get this apartment ready for Anna and Rich! They'll be on their way here from London soon as part of their European vacation. Check out here what they've been up to so far. Their latest post takes you to the Chatsworth House which, as soon as I saw the pictures, thought "hmm that looks like Mr. Darcy's estate" uh, yeah, it was.

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