Wednesday, April 24, 2013

From Church to Church (to Church)

I couldn't decide whether to break these church photos up or throw them at you all at once. Seemed better to do the latter because either you'll choose to see them or you won't but now you only have to choose once rather than over and over (and over...). Notre Dame, Basilica of the Sacré Cœur, and Sainte Chapelle, respectfully, begin now.

End of Notre Dame, beginning of Sacre Coeur  
End of Sacre Coeur, beginning of Sainte Chapelle

The only drawback to our time in the last chapel was that they are restoring several of the windows right now. You can see the renovations covered up in the first photo of Sainte Chapelle. To see it in all it's stained glass-glory! Maybe someday. Chris and I had never been into any of them, assuming they all charged the visitor. Turns out only Sainte Chapelle does and even then, I'd pay it again. It was still definitely worth the trip. Each window tells a story of the bible, it's fascinating. 

The sheer amount of thought, time and skill (and wealth) that went into each of these beautiful cathedrals. I guess it's a little silly to call them churches...

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  1. I love stained glass windows! These were great. Before the printing press, stained glass windows were one of the main ways that people learned Scripture.I love how they are accessible to every person - no matter what status in life. The story is there for each person to "read".

    Good going!


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