Friday, April 19, 2013

Getting back to it

View of one of my favorite spots while walking into down for dinner last night

I might be in the minority when I say this but often, when I'm running, I'm thinking about food. Today was a particularly bad day because I procrastinated getting out of bed and out the door. In the time it took to convince myself that I should run before it rains, I started to get hungry. And when I get hungry I need to eat usually within a few seconds or Hangry Kelly the Horrible comes out. Chris would concur. It's not pretty. If we ever have children and I have to wait to eat, Chris will have one extra child on his hands until I'm fed. I'm slightly embarrassed telling you all this but it's pure fact so I won't hold back. We're all friends, right? Mom?

Today I went for a rather long run, actually, it was the longest since I got injured waaaayyy back in September. I think I'm going to like this marathon-training thing though. Because after this terribly long (not really) run I ate an enormous bowl of oatmeal and am now working my way through a bag of pretzels that I should probably not eat all by myselfffff....too late. Bag empty.

Pay no attention to the last few seconds where I don't know how to turn the camera off...

Next week I'll finish up with Paris and such. We have a boring weekend this weekend, no real plans which could be nice. Then next weekend we have Anna and Rich! Plans are to go to Bastogne to visit the WWII sites there!

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