Thursday, April 18, 2013

Jaunt into Amsterdam

Seen on the bus ride from Keukenhof to Amsterdam\

The blessing in disguise found in the non-tulip filled fields was our time in Amsterdam itself. If we'd taken our entire day in those fields then we wouldn't have had the time to get into Amsterdam for anything other than dinner. As it turned out, we had time to enjoy the sunshine and city at our leisure. My parents were able to visit Anne Frank's house, sample the cheese at so many stores (worth the trip into town), stop and have a cocoa, coffee and slice of heaven, and buy some tulip bulbs for the brick house. 

These two women were not sitting here at the same time but came here one after the other while Chris and I waited in the sun for my parents to visit Anne Frank's. I guess giant camel-colored faux fur coats are the style in Amsterdam for Spring.

This musician was pretty impressive. I took a video, a vertical one again, I've got to start turning my iPod sideways when I take these, but take a listen. And watch him almost t-bone a tourist boat... 

Do you see him hiding?
Amsterdam, you are so weird. That said, I liked this statue with all the blue bikes in front of it.  

I just got back from a short walk into town to see the one cherry blossom tree I know of in full bloom. We have a small botanical garden in the center of Leuven and on a day like today I knew I had to grab my chance to see it. The temperature may have dropped a few degrees in the past day or so but I'll take blue skies and sun with cooler temperatures over the opposite any day. We'll see if I'm still saying this in the middle of summer here when it's not getting any hotter than 52.

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