Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Margaret, Bruges and Sunshine (part I)

Margaret kicked off our "We've Got Visitors!" section of our time here in Belgium. It's been long-awaited and I'm so glad to see familiar faces on a regular basis! It was wonderful to have someone else to share the Easter weekend with. Thanksgiving was a rather quiet affair with just Chris and I to celebrate but Easter was a different story with Margaret here. She also got to experience the fun and crazy times that are our Skype dates with the entire family (on both sides) and especially with Megan out in Spokane. I don't think Megan and I know how to be normal while we're on camera. Seriously, whenever they decide to air our episode you'll all understand and once again, I apologize.  Luckily Megan got to opt out of that at least. 

Yes. That is a sink made of a fish tank that you're seeing.

We went on quite a few Belgian excursions while Margaret was here. Brussels, Bruges, Leuven, Liege, and a little Heverlee. Something for every day she was here. She got to be our guinea pig visitor (besides Mike, during the Christmas season) for some of the cities I definitely want to take people to within our own country. 

Less than 48 hours, Mom and Dad!

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