Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Serving up a little bit of stunning and some silliness

It's time we return to the recent past and keep it going on my parents trip because who doesn't love to relive every moment they spent on vacation?? I mean, I know I'm permanently on vacation until December but when other people join me on it, it feels even better. We're about to leave the tulips behind completely but I need to throw in one last bit about it to make all your days a little bit silly. I think every once in awhile silliness is a necessity. This week is one of those times. But first, some stunning views of the inside of Amsterdam Central Station:

 Oh, did I mention that this is the interior of a Starbucks...?

And now, onto the silliness. I'm taking some photos of these fascinating flowers when all of a sudden there's an addition to their beauty...


Oh my gosh, she kills me. Leaning over like the flowers are! I'm sure there were other visitors watching us take these photos and thinking we're insane but we thought we were pretty funny. I think this behavior can all be explained by the following picture, taken at 5:38am on our way to Amsterdam...

We'll try not to put every guest through the ringer when it comes to travel. Sorry, Mom and Dad!

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