Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Surviving Jet Lag

I was surprised but pleasantly so, that my parents wanted to go to Bruges their first full day in town. It was in an effort to find the sun (Leuven wasn't projected to have any until 7pm) so we found it on the radar and got on the train. It is definitely hard to adjust to the six hour time difference but I'd say a full day of activities might just be the answer. Everyone was more than ready for bed when the (Belgian) time came.

Sun: Found 
Daredevil Duck: Found

We were often blown around by the wind. I mean, thank God for that sunlight or we'd have been little icicles.

 Mom: making friends with dog owners the world over.

We found a thrift shop. I've been in Bruges four times now and walked on this street during each trip. It took my mom coming here for me to ever notice this place. I did get some pretty sweet sunglasses out of it. Chris is planning on stealing them...they're from the 1994 World Cup in the USA. He's not getting them.

The guys, waiting while we shop. As per usual.

 Mom: Okay, now it's Kelly's turn!

We've also walked by this church a bunch of times too but never been inside. Turns out it's a pretty interesting place. My mom attempted to read the prayers, that were written in Dutch, but to no avail. Also I don't think we should've been touching those.

It was a gorgeous day! Chris got his Belgian waffle and we made it back to town in time for dinner at our favorite restaurant. We've done Belgian, Italian, (really good) pizza, and most recently Mexican (which is quite possibly one of my new favorite places to get Mexican in the world. Belgium, go figure). I'm already excited about dinner tonight.

...I should probably go running. Maybe even right now. If I keep eating like this with every guest, an obviously larger Kelly will be returning to the US in December. December! I know it's only April but that already feels not so far away anymore.

Alright enough rambling, see you back here later this week for some TULIP RECAP!


  1. Wowww, that wide shot of the church with the pool in it is AMAZING!!! I want to try to draw it!! What a cool idea, the pool with the little boats... are those big neon letters too?? What an awesome visual! Sorry I get really excited about stuff like that haha.

    Also, I'm excited to hear you have a favorite restaurant, I can't wait to eat there! I think I will eat one Belgian waffle a day while I'm in Belgium...

    So awesome to see some shots of your family visit, and nice to know that you're reunited with family :) Looks like you're all having a great time!


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