Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Palace at Versailles (and a HAPPY BIRTHDAY)

This is the finale of all things Paris, at least for this trip with my parents. Versailles was a magical place to visit. If you've been following along, a great deal of it has already been seen through the posts I've shared before today. This is a general idea of the Palace as allowed to be seen by the public. Could you imagine walking into this entrance and thinking, "this is my house" because...I can. Imagination only takes me so far, though.  Mostly I was thinking of what I'd be wearing...

I imagine I would have this face on a lot though. Slightly amused, because while I'm thrilled this is all mine, I'm sure it was pretty chilly with all that marble, stone and huge glass windows everywhere. 18th century me would hate being cold. Unless it was summer I'm guessing I would keep a real smile under lockdown until the temperatures allowed me to traipse around in the gardens.
and now for a few lesser-quality iPod pictures:
 Hi, I live here.
Grafitti from the 18th century (at least I hope so)

Goodbye Versailles. See you next time. Aaaaaaaaand, last but not least by any means, drumroll please....

This photo is from our last time in Ecuador. The next time I see him we will gallivant through another country (or two or three) when he comes to visit us with Megan in the fall. Love you tons(a) Sean! Sending birthday wishes your way. Not a real present yet though. I'll save the shipping for what might have been and take you out to a few dinners!

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