Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Let me preface this by saying that at this point I don't know anyone who was injured or immediately involved. Since that morning I'd been reading statuses and seeing pictures posted of people I knew who were there to race or cheer that day. All those who had been posting have since then let us know that they are alright.

Chris and I were in the middle of celebrating the line up for our day at Tomorrowland and in the process of tweeting it at Erin so she'd see it sooner rather than later when the most recent tweets popped up and every single one was about something happening in Boston. Chris was busy copying and pasting the link and missed what I'd been reading. I grabbed his arm, "Wait, what happened in Boston?"

I stayed up til 3am our time refreshing CNN and rechecking facebook and being thankful that my cousin didn't run this year and praying for those that were there. There are small glimmers of hope that have been reported since everything happened, runners continuing past the finish line and straight to Mass Gen to donate blood for victims being one. And though I've never thought to run one before...one of the coaches I've worked with in the past few years posed this to us:

I'm with you. Time to start training.

*Update: I officially registered to run in the Brussels Marathon on October 6. Now it's really time to start training!

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