Wednesday, May 1, 2013

A Little Liege Before Takeoff

Last item on the itinerary with my visiting parents was travel to Liege where my favorite waffles live. Really, that was the whole purpose of this trip. But we did do some walking to counteract their effects.

 A lot of walking. 

That's it. Final recap of their trip. Ugh. It makes me sad even typing that. Okay, moving forward to stave off the tears. Onto Anna and Rich next. I can't wait to show you where we traveled with them! Side note, calendar updated (finally).

Currently it is 9am here in Belgium. Chris is still here and asleep because it's the Belgian Memorial Day, or was it Labor Day...? Shoot, I forget. Too lazy to check. In any case, he has off from work. After his game last night, we went out with the team for a first...along with the rest of Leuven. I'd dub it a success. But here I am awake after going to bed past 4:30am and I'm a little tired. Also bloody. I must have cut my foot on one of the multitude of broken glasses that were our dance floor. C'est la vie. And I still cannot get over the fact that there are 16 year-olds out at these bars with us all...imagine half the team I coach from back home out at the bars?! Cannot. That ish cray. I'm going to regret typing that when I'm more awake.

Well. I'm off to eat a whole lotta oatmeal and then bother Chris until he wakes up. Enjoy your day!

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