Thursday, May 9, 2013

Bruges, Antwerp and St. Anna's Tunnel

This weekend we had a friend of Chris' from Irondequoit visit us for just a few days while he works in Germany. Andrew was hoping to see Antwerp and Brussels and we added Bruges to his list because, well, Bruges.

He showed up in a 1991 olive green BMW convertible and offered to drive us to Bruges. Yes, please. With the sun in our hair and wind whipping all around, we flew down the highway and then (mostly due to my incorrect input...stupid backseat-driving-Kelly) crawled through the streets of Brussels. We found the highway and continued on after a considerable delay and a few stops to find free wifi on the side of the road. Long story short (too late) we saw and toured Bruges and then continued on home to rest up for a dual city day on Sunday.
Before whipping wind...
Ignore my claw hand...trying to keep my scarf from flying away and showing up Bridget Jones style in Bruges...

I tried to be an old-timey 50's movie star with this scarf getup. Chris just said I looked like I was wearing a hijab. He might have been right.

Lunchtime view and out.

Day II, City I: Antwerp. Whenever we go to a city or place in Belgium or Europe that we've previously been, something new always pops up along the way. I'm never bored of revisiting places I've already explored. You're bound to discover something new.

Take Antwerp for example. I'd never even heard of the St. Anna's Tunnel and I'm really glad Andrew had because we headed under the river and saw the city from an entirely new angle. 

Back for Day II, City II tomorrow!

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  1. Is it sad that I read the "Long story short (too late)" with Clue in mind? :)
    Annnyway, I think Chris was wrong - you could definitely have passed for a hip, young, 1950's lady :)
    (you could always wear what Bette Davis is wearing here, for when it gets especially windy; I'm sure it'd work best, and look fantastic!


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