Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Cologne (as told by my iPod)

This is a sneak peek Cologne post! I'm only including photos from the good old iPod and will add in detail later. We did a lot but the one thing that may stick out in my memory in regards to the city itself is the shopping. Such great shopping! We haven't allowed ourselves to spend too much in recent weeks in preparation for all the visitors so I may have gone a little crazy. 

Sneak peek time:

More to come later and tomorrow just a tiny little something of horse (of course).

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  1. Um, so what's weird is that when you said, "Cologne," I instantly thought of the paper I'm working - which is the rise of the Franks... the Germanic tribe that settled in modern-day Belgium and France and whatnot (I'm obviously still working on it..). weirdness. :)


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