Thursday, May 16, 2013

Cologne Cathedral

The first aim of our tourist time on Cologne was the Cathedral or the Kölner Dom as the Germans say. If you haven't noticed in our photos thus far, there is always quite a bit of restorative or new construction going on. Everywhere. The Dom was no exception. But it was pretty spectacular to see it rising up between the buildings like that.

I love that you can see the original color where they cleaned it on the left. Wish we could still see it that way today.
Obviously not the original glass work but lovely all the same.
I actually made it up to this point. From here on out only the guys went on to the top. Way too high for me.
You can thank Chris for all the above.
Where Dan and Chris got to.
The tops of our heads is the point we got to... (I'm still proud)

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