Monday, May 27, 2013

Early-morning wake up call

Kelli, Dan, Chris and I left our apartment in Venice at 6:00. And thinking back on it, that might have actually been 5. While that was very, very early it also made for a few beautiful shots as we left the city.

I'm posting this today because our latest visitors just left this morning and reminiscing on morning take-offs is all the rage. Hannah and Robyn left a few hours ago and I forgot how quiet it is here with no other people. I've had constant company for three weeks and it's been refreshing. I know it's nice to have alone time and I don't mind that as much as I did a few months ago but wow. It is quiet here.

Our next visitors land in July so we're about to have a month with just the two of us. I'm sitting here planning trips as I slowly post today...June is going to be fun!

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