Thursday, May 23, 2013

Espresso shots

Today Hannah, Robyn and I are up at 6, leaving the apartment at 7 and arriving in Amsterdam at 11. We get 8 hours in the city until we have to turn around and repeat the process backwards, arriving in Leuven at midnight. As long as every train goes exactly according to plan (oh pleeeeeeeease God, let it be so!) this is going to be a whirlwind trip into Holland! I can't wait to show them the city, still a favorite. How many favorites can one have...?

But I'm guessing at some point we'll be stopping for the Netherlands version of Italian to-go espressos like these guys did in Murano:

Not Burano, Murano. Burano has the cool houses. Murano has the glass blowing. But trying to determine if your water taxi was going to the right island got a little hilarious when they attendants were yelling "Bbbbooorano" or "Mmmoooorano" to help all of us tourists figure it out. More of Mmmmurano tomorrow!

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