Friday, May 31, 2013


Wait, wait, WAIT. I forgot this one. And it's pretty important. It's so important that Dan has since told Chris that we ruined sushi (oh, and beer) for him and Kelli back in the United States.

We've always had our favorite restaurants that we frequent (okay, only when visitors are in town) but since we knew that K&D have a love for sushi even greater than ours, we thought we'd try a new place while they were in town. Sakura Sushi and Sashimi is a restaurant that was recommended to Chris by Japanese coworkers of his which pretty much ensures it to be very, very good.

It. Is.

Please take note of how large that sushi tray is. You will see a vanishing act in a second...
Giant pieces of Avocado!
Abracadabra...don't worry, they finished those too. 

I was only reminded of all this because Erin and I were planning out her and David's upcoming visit and all of a sudden I remembered they like sushi so we can take them here! We only treat ourselves either while on "vacation" or while on others' vacations so this will be a great excuse!

Enjoy your weekend! Chris and I are heading off to a tiny Belgian town for a race so I can get my paces for upcoming workouts. I have pre-race butterflies just writing this which is absurd because last year only 124 people ran in it. See you on Monday!

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