Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The number one beer in the WORLD

(via Beeradvocate)

Ever since we found out we were moving to Belgium, Chris has been hearing about all the wonderful beers it has to offer. Since I'm not a drinker myself, I took no real notice of all this conversation but found it unavoidable when person after person told the story of the illusive and illustrious Westvleteren Twelve.

(If you've heard this from Chris before, please skip the following paragraph) A little background: The brewery was was founded in 1838 inside the Trappist Abbey of Saint Sixtus of Westvleteren in the Belgian municipality of Vleteren. To buy this beer you have to call ahead and make an appointment with the brewery itself. When you show up they take down your license plate number and you can only return a year later to buy again. What's more is that you can only buy two cases of it or 48 beers total. It is illegal to resell it, but people do. The monks don't like all the attention they have received in recent years from their beer. Their aim is only to make and sell enough to finance their community. 

Cut to two weeks ago in Bruges with Dan and Kelli. We are perusing the shops on the side streets as we make our way out of town when Dan points out a small drink store and we stop in to get drinks for the ride home. I'm checking out the glasses when I look over to Chris and his face is slightly flushed, his mouth hanging open and in his hand is an unlabeled beer bottle. He looks up at me wide-eyed and then back down at the bottle. I walk over and read the cap: 

I kid you not, this was his face for about 17 minutes. 

The beer was being sold for 12 euros a bottle but of course we bought one. Dan had already heard about this beer from Chris at least once or twice in the past week and a half that he'd been living with us so he followed suit and indulged as well. 

They did not waste this beer on the train ride home, however, but instead set to planning out when they were going to drink it. As it turned out, the final Liverpool game (their favorite team) of the season was in a days time so the game became their taste test. All good things rolled into one; best beer ever, favorite team, old roommates, final game, and Kelli & Kelly (right?) hanging out all at the same time.

the Toast 
 the Taste
the Reaction: Best Beer Ever.

Great, now I'm thirsty. Anyone have some ice cold Rochester tap water?


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