Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Cliffs of Moher

I will always remember my first sight of the Cliffs, despite the rain and the wind. They are breathtaking and unbelievable in real life. We stood speechless and stared for as long as the ripping wind allowed us and then even longer.

Ireland is such a beautiful country to visit. Being that it is known as the "Emerald Isle" we were prepared for the weather that makes everything green in the first place. But I don't think we were as prepared as we should have been...we were armed with umbrellas and our trusty semi-rainproof coats that have been worn over and over again in this blog. It wasn't enough...
 This is the last time you will see the umbrella on the left in one solid piece.
(photo by Chris)
(photo of Chris)

I actually remember taking the picture above. I don't think I'll ever forget it. My umbrella had just been whipped in the opposite direction and when I finally got the wind to push is back into place, the metal had all been bent and stretched out of place and it now wrapped itself around me in a less-than-helpful state. Chris gallantly offered to switch my cheap umbrella for his sturdy USA made one and I didn't even hesitate. What then ensued was a ten minute walk that should have taken two, back to the gift shop area and ultimately, shelter. 

We were both more than a little annoyed at the situation when both our umbrellas were attacked once again by more than 45mph winds and we just started laughing at the hilarity and helplessness of it all. We were honestly lifting up one foot after the other and not moving anywhere, our umbrellas flapping loudly and violently around us, threatening to take us off the ground into a not very graceful Mary Poppins-esque episode. It was honestly my favorite moment at the Cliffs.

Regretting his chivalry I think.

Note the angle of the ground and you can imagine how far Chris and I are actually leaning into the wind to make any sort of headway. But really, this was by far my favorite part of our cross-Ireland tour and I am almost glad the weather wasn't beautiful. Almost. Maybe we will return one day and spend enough time in the country to be able to decide when we will visit the Cliffs again, picking a more fortuitous weather-day. However, I'm grateful to have seen their beauty in whatever the weather!

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