Thursday, June 13, 2013

Girl time in Paris

Paris at twilight is my favorite. Especially when the sun shines and then a rainbow comes out at the close.

Don't touch the grass!
I cut my hair. Bah just kidding but doesn't Hannah's hair look like it's mine?

Update on meeting up with Erin and Dawn. We did not meet up. We were all in the same building at the same time though, that's a start!

Alas, they were informed that the line at international security was too long and terminal T too far away so they should not exit and attempt to return again. And after about an hour and a half passed since their plane's disembarking, I began to think they definitely weren't coming through those sliding glass doors. So I wandered, still keeping my eye on them, until I found free wifi. Erin had somehow found a wifi kiosk, and probably paid for it, to let me know our mutual disappointment.

There were tears on both sides, Erin in the airport and me, out of the crush of people, down in the train station. We're flooding Belgium's transportation services with tears. In fact, I flooded the airport with coffee too. I dropped one of the girls' drinks, maybe it's a good thing they couldn't get through, which was embarrassing. It happened right when the two largest planes, the one from Kenya and another from Abu Dhabi, were both exiting directly into the nonfat vanilla latte's sticky path. Smooth, Kelly.

C'est la vie. Right?

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  1. We can use some of that Parisian blue sky today. It's pouring in Rochester....again


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