Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Musee Carnavalet

This museum is a gem. Hannah found it in the TripAdvisor city guide app and as it was free and close to where we stayed, we ventured in. As we walked through it I kept referring to it as a "mini Versailles" in my head. If you're visiting Paris and don't have the time to travel out to see the real thing, this tiny version is a good representation of the past opulence of Parisian living at it's finest.

As you can tell, I liked this set up. I would have a room just like this of my own if I dared.

We sort of zipped right through it and luckily happened to arrive when all the rooms were accessible. But one could spend hours in there. It also hosts a magnificent collection of articles from the French Revolution and quite a few beautiful paintings in two other sections. Really lovely, I will recommend it to all future Paris-travelers. In terms of museums, it's not the Louvre, the Orangerie or d'Orsay, but rather a glimpse into the past and a way of living that simply isn't done now.

Side note, completely unrelated. I may see Erin and Dawn tomorrow!!! They realized that they may in fact get out of security and see me while they have a three hour layover in Brussels! I am so excited to see some friendly faces again! Can you tell...!!!! I'll update you tomorrow as we'll be meeting up at 7am. Fingers crossed and lots of prayers that all goes well and I get to see their beautiful just-returned-from-Kenya faces!

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