Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Paris with the girls

Hannah, Robyn and I came to a very pleasant revelation as we traveled together. We might just be the perfect travel companions. None of us likes to drink, we aren't into the stay-out-super-late-at-night scene and we're fairly comfortable skipping a shower when necessary. We all rolled with the punches in each scenario and all three of us wanted to see as much as possible with as little money as possible. Perfection.

So when we arrived in Paris at our intended overnight location and found that in fact that address did not exist, at least in numbers on doors...I was glad I had these two with me. I'll admit that after about 45 minutes of attempting to contact our host and in the meantime wandering up and down the street searching for number 46, I was beginning to panic, trying to decide how long we should wait before we went and found a hostel with three open beds. After almost an hour, a door opened (not #46) and I recognized our host immediately! Luckily we had switched sides of the street that we were standing on right when he poked his head out of our 6th floor apartments rooms, and he happened to see the three of us gazing at the building, looking lost. Phew.

And look how cute it was!

Our view from the teeny tiny balcony
(taken by Hannah from her lofted bed)

Climbing those stairs and attempting to look like it wasn't a hard feat or anything actually proved to be more difficult than the actual climb. But our host ascended them with ungodly speed and we matched his pace so as not to seem the typical out-of-shape-Americans. I think we all collapsed, taking in huge gulps of air when he finally closed the door behind him after the key exchange and initial instructions. No one is in shape enough to be completely okay with that unless you do it twice a day. The most heart-stopping moment we had though was when we were opening the common entry door at the street entrance and realized that we hadn't written down that doors code. Our key would help us not at all in that instance. So I sprinted* back up the steps and took a photo of it, ensuring our safe return at night. 

*by sprint I mean, ran up one level and then hugged the railing the rest of the way as I dragged myself slowly up the stairs to our top level accommodations. Okay onto further explorations...

Last glimpse before dinner! I think one of my favorite things to do in Paris is see the Eiffel Tower at night. So I apologize for all the repeat performances it has on this blog, but I can't help it. I'm enchanted.

Seems we all had stars in our eyes.

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