Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Park Run in Malahide (Dublin)

I have so much of our trip to Ireland to show you all. First, I am going to take you along on one of my favorite parts of our trip. 

It is Saturday Morning in Dublin. We wake up at 6:30 in our temporary apartment and sleepily dress in running clothes and racing shoes. Hop on a bus twenty minutes later and make our way to Malahide, Ireland. You see, two weeks prior to our trip I was searching for 5k races to do but we had several trips to go on during the time period I wanted to race in so I searched in Ireland and Switzerland near our destinations. What I found was the coolest thing. 

There is this organization called parkrun that holds free, weekly, 5km timed runs around the world. "They are open to everyone, free, and are safe and easy to take part in." What a cool way to get involved in running races without committing to an expensive and elaborate event! 

Some of these people are f-a-s-t! The person who won our race went 16:27! Pretty darn quick. There were 368 people who ran in our race. Here's the results for Chris and I:

And, bonus. There was a castle in this park. Irish castles aren't particularly grand and decorative but they are many! 
Vanilla cupcake with rainbow sprinkles?? Delicious. One of the best post-race "recovery" snacks I've ever had.
My only regret is that we couldn't stay longer in this cute harbor town. Another time!

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