Monday, June 17, 2013

Thank you (and a little soccer)

Check out that #10, what a cutie

We went to Ireland this weekend and it was beautiful and lovely and I will get to that later but first, some Chris and some soccer:

Imec, the company he works at here in Belgium, had a tournament for any employees who wanted to sign up. Quite a few teams of guys (and one girl) did, and Chris joined one. Turns out he joined the best one. Or maybe it was that he made it the best? As you can see goals were scored on numerous occasions. I'm a pretty terrible sport-action photographer, but you get the gist of the evening. It's always so fun watching Chris, I'm glad he keeps finding soccer events to join up with. His final indoor game was a few weeks ago but more on that another time.

Now, a little smidgen on the HGTV fallout:

Wow, guys. When we decided to do this HGTV thing it was more of a "hey, we'll get a little cash, it'll at least be good for a laugh, never done anything like this before" kind of thing than anything else. But we've had friends and family get in touch with us that we haven't had a chance to talk to in a while and it's been wonderful to hear from everyone. I know it's not necessarily a reflection on us that people have reached out and been kind to us. It just makes me so thankful for the people we have come in contact with through the years and those that we don't get to see or hear from or talk to at all, still found a second to reach out after the episode, it just means a lot.

We definitely appreciate it so much that any of you took time out of your Friday nights to watch the show and cheer us on! I know it would have been hard for me to choose between the only East End Fest Rochester was having this year and our show. Honestly I would have stayed in buuuut that's probably because I also chose to watch Jane Eyre over going out drinking once. And I don't drink, probably the more important reason hah! For those that DVR-ed it we still appreciate that too, obviously! There were mini viewing parties happening all over upstate New York and we're just in awe of all the love we woke up to the next morning from everyone's responses.

Thank you

Okay, enough gushing. I'm getting sentimental because Christmas music keeps coming up on my shuffling iTunes and I miss home more than usual this morning. Back to business. Or rather, Ireland. See you tomorrow!

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