Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Long Room

Trinity College is beautiful. The campus is so full of history! We decided to take the Book of Kells tour and as much as I wish I could show you it, this Google image search will have to suffice because "No Cameras Allowed." It was fascinating to see the script and the miniscule details added in between each line of handwritten script. I never knew that the Book of Kells was the four Gospels. The pages that were turned to for our tour weren't the elaborately designed ones like the page shown above. but the illustrations added just to the beginning of a sentence and the tiny animals drawn in between the lines were just awe-inspiring. 

No real segue here...I try not to recommend movies too often in general, I tend to forget the parts that are less than family-safe, but I do recommend this one if you're interested in the Book of Kells and can handle some animation: The Secret of Kells. I watched it at The Little in Rochester the first time and I've returned to it every so often because it's so good. You can watch it on Netflix and it looks like it's even free on Hulu for the time being! Let me know if you like it.

Now, I may be scorned at for this next bit but I thought that the best part of the tour was the Long Room of Trinity's Old Library. Sorry in advance for the quality of these photographs. I could just kick myself for not bringing my regular camera out on our day around Dublin. 

Magnificent. I could have spent hours there. 

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  1. WOW - Looks amazing!! I would love to go there!! & I would love to see the Book of Kells too - I love 'The Secret of Kells' myself! Such beautiful animation.


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