Friday, June 21, 2013

Treasure hunting

Chris and I did something we haven't yet tried on a trip yet. We split up. He really wanted to go to the Old Jameson Distillery and tour it and I...did not. So I looked up a few markets to hit up in the area while he got a few free shots (post to come by him at some point).

Before we did though, we had a quick lunch in the Jameson restaurant. Normally I wouldn't want to fall for tourist trapy types of food places but honestly, it was delicious. That might've been due to it being out first meal after racing but, still.

I left him to his tour and soon after I found this gem:

This was by far the best market I've been to in awhile. I slowly perused the tables and finally chose one book to take home. I always feel like I'm leaving the others behind when I pick one. Like I'm choosing favorites. Which is ridiculous but hey, I'm the girl that cried at 14 when I finally had to give most of my stuffed animals away so other little kids could enjoy them. And also so I could grow up. I still feel like Mrs Pound Puppy was devastated.

Anyway, the book I ended up taking home was one I haven't read yet by Carlos Ruiz Zafon. His book "Shadow in the Wind" is one of my absolute favorites. And I think it is so because of the way in which I found it. Underneath three layers of books and upside down, being sold for 25 cents in a tiny yard sale that I almost passed by since I didn't have any cash but a few coins on me at the time. The book itself is about another such book that was hidden and then discovered by someone who treasured it and kept  it safe all his life even when both were threatened.

Have happy weekends, we are off to Switzerland where bad weather is being forecast but I'm sure we'll make due. See you Monday.


  1. I see some familiar places...Four Courts and Christ Church.

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