Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Day One : Florence

Florence was a city that was talked up by everyone I met who'd been there. And for a change, they were right. It is beautiful and romantic and has a lot of great food.

Our apartment for the weekend was perfect. Right on the river and looking over the Ponte Vecchio. And air conditioning when it got too hot. We could have used a replica in Paris, but I'll get to that another day. 

The best ever gelato in the world. I'll dream about this place forever. And it was also an excuse to show off this really great deal of a dress. But honestly, Vivoli, I would come back to Florence just to eat here and the sandwich place. That place too. 

Even street performers need a break once in awhile.

More tomorrow. And Erin, finally. I mean really, Rochester Airport. Can you get your ish together? Thank God that they gave Erin and David an extra on the end of the week since they ended up stealing a day from them with this cancelled flight out of Rochester. Oh well, TOMORROW!!!

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